Senior partner in leading law firm – workload management

Richard, a senior partner, was finding his role and influence growing, particularly around the firm’s strategic direction. This was testing his ability to effectively manage his increasing workload. A new approach was required, with less focus on operational and technical issues and more emphasis on strategy and leadership. While respected for sector knowledge and client relationships, he was struggling with his own confidence, time management and developing a new skill set. This resulted in over delivery in the wrong areas, exhaustion, confusion within the firm and a less than motivated team. He was also wrangling with issues of purpose, work/life balance and family responsibility.

Coaching provided space for reflection and to explore events in his childhood and personal life, which helped him understand the source of his motivations and his default position under pressure. By increasing his awareness he was able to take more responsibility for his actions. We worked with some of his choices so he could see that he had options and some control over how to manage situations. We helped him develop an outline strategy, realistic objectives and the ability to clearly articulate his vision. His team became more effective and self-reliant; he was able to improve his fitness, spend more quality time at home and could see a way of integrating his long-term personal goals with professional ambitions.