Equity partner in top chartered surveying firm – challenged by relationships with colleagues

Andrew, an equity partner, had had several successful years with high billings. However, his performance had dropped off and in addition he had been involved in arguments in the firm, upsetting junior staff and alienating his fellow partners. He was growing increasingly frustrated by lack of cooperation, which in turn alienated people even more. He was very worried about his future and this anxiety was masked by aggression and argumentative behaviour. Over several sessions he was able, with gentle encouragement, to uncover some anxieties and patterns of behaviour and identify the origins of his perfectionism and intolerance of other styles of working. He was able to share his anxieties and concerns about the future and together we were able to rehearse new styles of working and behaving with other people.

The firm was pleased with the outcome and Andrew went on to mend some significant relationships and re-establish a level of camaraderie which restored his confidence and comfort in the firm.