Jan is a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist, with extensive experience in the NHS and the private sector working with patients who have experienced trauma both in childhood and in their adult lives.  The effects of trauma are unique to the individual but can lead to relationship issues, addiction problems and the development of personality disorders.

Jan also has extensive experience of working with patients with anxiety and depression who have benefited from the psychoanalytic approach to assist them in leading more fulfilling lives.  This approach examines the person’s experience of life to look for repeating patterns and reveal how early experiences affect the way we live and relate now.

Jan’s aim is to provide a space in which the individual can feel safe and listened to and a time period of treatment tailored to suit the patient’s needs.  You will be offered an initial consultation in which to discuss your presenting problems, what you would like to achieve and whether you feel you could work with Jan, and she with you, to attain your goals.